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  • The Delta Magnets Group (DMG) is at the threshold of its best phase ever. It is the only Indian company with a global footprint having recently integrated its two Indian plants and its recent British acquisition. With all three divisions under one umbrella – production, procurement and trading– Delta Magnets Group (DMG) has the unique ability to meet all customer requirements for soft and hard ferrite magnets.
  • Development of the soft ferrite magnet range is a key focus area for DMG. Closely entwined with electronics, the potential for this versatile product is virtually limitless as e-tech now an essential part of everyday life. The aim is to become the leader in soft ferrite technology by investing in a major upgrade of the production and R&D facilities. The R&D thrust will draw from British firm MagDev’s eight decades of European expertise in tandem with Delta Magnet Ltd’s three decades of production partnership with Indian industry to provide our clients state-of-the-art products.
  • Leading the way is a new team of respected industry specialists drawn from within the new DMG family and from peers. Members of this team have been at the forefront of development with industry leaders and bring the best skills with them.
  • With the essential groundwork already prepared, the near term target is a 20% CAGR by 2014. Towards this, DMG is developing its own network in new markets such as USA, Germany and the Eastern Europe.
  • From new in-house R&D to new industries, DMG has firmly set its sights on joining the global ranks of leading magnet names.